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Finding Freedom is 100% about helping you create your purpose aligned, premium-priced, service-based business, and accelerating your freedom to put in your resignation notice and become your own boss forevermore. 

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Hi, I'm Candace, and I created Finding Freedom to provide corporate women with a program that helps them not only start or grow their business but to create more time freedom, purpose, and impact in the process. What good is more money with no time, and more time with no purpose?


Colleen Falk

Success Coach
An Entrepreneur, Educator, and Organizational Consultant for over 30 years. Her toolbox brings her expertise in processes that help communicate and develop a plan for change, helping people and organizations succeed.  Understanding the challenges people need to face, preparing properly for the change, and carrying the crucial implementation phase through to a successful conclusion are critical goals.

Ana Kevelin Reyes

Mindset Coach
An Amazon #1 best-selling author, an influential speaker, New Thought Leader, Self-Mastery Coach, and a mother who shares her own life experiences to empower and encourage others to take control of their situations, and breakthrough challenges that at one time seemed insurmountable. She is one of the most insightful and dynamic speakers you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.

Chasity Snow

Success Coach
The owner of Reckless Babe Tribe and Reckless Branding & VA, a coaching business dedicated to helping women who are ready to lift their voices in written form. As an author herself, she created a safe place for aspiring authors to be encouraged, confident, and published. But furthermore, her love of seeing women WIN in big ways is what drives her to advocate for reckless faith, freedom over fear, and patience over stagnation.

A sneak peek at the 3 pillars of what we cover...


Pin down your purpose + how you want to impact the world. What is your ideal life?


Set financial goals + timelines to support ideal lifestyle. Map out new business offer.

Action Plan

Translate roadmap into weekly + daily action plan. Create momentum with prospects.

Full access training content that supplements your live and on-demand support 24X7 to move you towards resignation without constraints on your availability.

You walk away with skills that can be leveraged for any future venture...

  • How to create offers that align with lifestyle + solves problems

  • How to validate an offer so you can scale it

  • How to attract clients consistently

  • How to predict income, plan...and more.

Lisa M.

"I just want to have freedom. I want to have something that I can pass down to my son. Be an example for him so that hopefully he would grow up and have a successful business."


"Things I've learned from her was basically how to market myself, how to take part in different events, and just prepare myself to transition from just being a math teach to a business owner."

Ashley S.

"I decided to join finding freedom because I am in a 9 to 5 currently. I want to make sure I can get the knowledge out to the people as well as be properly compensated for doing so."

So if you're a woman in corporate America, and this feels like a path you're ready to travel, then go ahead and grab the free training at


Your time. It's right now.